Saturday, July 14, 2007

My first experience with high speed shutter on my Sony Cybershot T10

I've got my pink Sony Cybershot T10 ( a gift from my hubby) for 5 months now and I never fully utilised all it's feature. The usual photo mode that I always use are the auto, landscape & high ISO. Today is my first experience with hig speed shutter mode & as you can see the difference between 2 photos that I captured this afternoon at FRIM (will blog in another post).

Auto mode (the water looks so milky and can't really see the water droplets)

High speed shutter mode ( here, I can see the water movement & clear water)

High speed shutter with flash

After the experiment done (thanks to Jazz coz her DSLR really makes me want to snap like hers using my digital cam), now I know how to use this mode (not to compare with a DSLR). I found out that it needs plenty of light in order to get a good shot. So, that's my little discovery with my Sony T10. A thumb up for outdoor photos.


jazzmint said...

wah nice, i like the 3rd shot

gerald said...

good attempt. i think it will really show result if you take a higher water fall or with a tripod.

Jasmine said...

wow! Nice pictures leh! so next time must take more and show it!