Sunday, July 08, 2007

2nd day in Singapore

Backdated post on Sg Trip

After a tiring Friday that is full of sightseeing (Zoo & Night Safari), we had a shopping session on Saturday. Well, the plan is to get up in the morning & head to Orchard right away (no breakfast coz we plan on an early lunch @ Tony Romas).

Why Tony Romas? This is because they serves pork & their ribs are what they're famous for. Since we know that their serving is hugh, we ordered 1 starter (baked potato skin with bacon chips, cheese sticks & chicken wings), 1 Tony Romas rib sampler (12 ribs) & 1 Tony Romas baby ribs (12 ribs). Ther serving is really large & it's just nice for 4 of us since Faythe still sleeping on her stroller. As for dessert, we had the Chocolate Avalanche (Faythe wallop almost all & I love the way she eat it (^-^) . You can check it out at Jazz's site).

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What follow next is the Moonlight Hippo but we missed it coz the tour started at 6pm instead of 6.30pm (we rushed like mad to get from Orchard to Suntec City, so it's a big dissapointment). We are so tired , rested in front of the musical fountain in Suntec while thinking on what to eat.

Too lazy to go find the directory, so we decided to have the folowing for dinner:

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Yes, what you see is correct. Had soup ( clam chowder & mushroom soup), breads with vinegrate & salad for dinner. The servings of soups are very big while the breads are free flow and there're a few choices for the bread.

After we filled our stomach, we walk to Marina Square and I think God pitied us so he let us catch some fireworks while we're on our way to Marina Square before we called it a day ( Got to prepare for the next day's picnic some more).
Note : All photos were taken by Jazzmint coz my camera was left to charged


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Cheryl Leong said...

Same photos but I think this shows that a scrap layout do miracle :p

cairo's mommy said...

hmmm your scrapping getting nicer n nicer la :D

Will said...

My dear cousin...... How come i don't know you came to Singapore? heheh!!!

Cheryl Leong said...

Will : It's a very last minute thing & also no time left for myself (coz travel with friends & also her daughter :P )I am going to Sg in Nov (for fren's daughter b'day), so, hope to see you then.