Monday, July 23, 2007

PPP : Some facts on BP Whiting Refinery

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How well do we know about our petrol refinery and do we care about its impact to the environment? Well, in Malaysia, I don't think a lot of people are aware of the impact on the environment nor the safety carried out by the refinery. However, in The States, this is a big issue (maybe the people in USA are more aware of the environment than us). I am sure a lot of us recognize BP petrol and recently the Chicago Tribune ran an article about a BP Factory in Whiting, Indiana and misrepresented some important facts. We all know the importance of news & will take it seriously.

So, here's the actual fact about BP Whiting Refinery if you want to know the truth:

  • Energy security and diversity - BP plans to spend more than $3 billion to modernize the Whiting Refinery to process additional heavy crude oil from Canada, a secure and reliable source.
  • Only treated water into Lake Michigan - What is released from our refinery is treated water that is more than 99.9% water - not sludge. All sludge is treated separately, according to state and federal requirements, and never discharged into Lake Michigan.
  • Well within legal limits - A new water discharge permit allows the refinery's average ammonia discharge to increase, but at levels that will still be less than half of those that federal environmental guidelines could allow.
  • No harm to people or the environment - We follow state and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines that protect aquatic and human life.
  • Continuous improvement - For the benefit of the environment, the Whiting Refinery voluntarily reduced total suspended solids in its water discharge by 40% in just the past four years.
  • Modern technology - We operate a modern wastewater plant in Whiting today and plan to invest about $150 million to enhance the refinery's wastewater treatment capability.
  • Collaborative, transparent approach - BP is working with federal, state and local elected officials, regulators, community and environmental organizations, and communities to develop comprehensive, environmentally sound plans.
  • Fuel for the Midwest - The Whiting Refinery produces gasoline, diesel and jet fuel people need for their daily lives.
  • Jobs now and in the future - Today the refinery has about 1,700 employees and another 1,500 contract workers. The planned modernization will create new jobs for about 2,000 contract workers during peak construction, as well as an estimated 80 full-time BP employees when complete.

Well, I hope the above facts will help you understand clearly on BP Whiting Refinery. They really care about the Earth and are doing their part on preserving the environment and strive for the best for the community in Whiting. A lot of people will get a job and their standard of living will be better.