Monday, July 02, 2007

Ferraris are back!!!

The race in Magny-Cours are great. This is because Ferrari won the race with 1-2 podium finish and it has been a long time that I ever see that. The race started with Kimi in 3rd position while Massa 9almost always) in 1st position and 2nd start position is Hamilton. This round, Hamilton didn't manage to get pass Massa & the best part (for Ferrari) is, Kimi managed to over take him at the start of the race. Maybe he did some mistake but that Ferrari 1-2 position stayed till the end of hte race (way to go, Ferrari!!) Kimi managed to get 1st place was because his car has got more fuel than Massa on the 1st pit stop, hence, he can stay in the run longer.

What happened to Alonso? He he.. he's way behind Heidfeld and stayed behind him for quite some time. This is because Heidfeld has some great defence move that is very hard to overtake... Great job Nick ;) You can check the results here.

Ok, enough of my point of view and if you want to know more of the French Race @ Magny-Cours, head over to the official F1 site. They have great photos as well ;)

Photos courtesy from Yahoo!

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