Monday, July 30, 2007

My Mom's Mom B'day

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I went for my grandma's b'day pot luck party last Sunday. It was the annual gathering of my mom's families (a.k.a Wong Family). We have those gatherings once in a blue moon because it is very hard to gather all 9 siblings together at 1 place since all of them are scattered between KL, Selangor & Rawang area with some grand children working overseas (hence, they are not here) and some great grand children being so young *giggle*.

The youngest great grand children (daughter of my
cousin Yue Yen, Baby Ching Ching aka Summer)

However, we always have pot luck coz all my aunties are very good cook and it's always better to have food cooked out of LOVE *wink*. Here's a scrap I did for my mom's family photo with 2 grand children tagging along. The only one missing is my Tai Kaufu (big uncle) & my eldest aunt and also alot of food which are already in our stomachs *LOL*.

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Here are some group photo taken on that day :

My 2nd Aunt's family (the most extensive family coz
all my cousins are married & have their own children)

My own family (my Dear Dear & 2 bro missing in action)

Sei Yi (4th aunt) family

Chu Lui Yi family

Ling Yi (7th aunt) family

Moi Yee (8th aunt) family

Youngest Kaufu (uncle) family

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~Will~ said...

WOW! U r really great, its really difficult to take all those pictures and post in the internet.

Can u send the photo in softcopy to me via email?