Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Memorial Service & Funeral

*A journal entry for my beloved popo's funeral*

9th June 08 ~ Memorial Service

We had a 1 night service on 9th June 08 at Level 1, Room 13 (Rose) Nirvana Memorial Center @ Sg Besi. Since my family is Taoist believer, we had the ceremony conducted in Taoist (Cantonese) way. We arrived the center at 6pm and the setting for the service are amazingly posh yet serene. The service started from 7.30 pm until 11pm and all my relatives and friends came to pay their last respect to my beloved Popo. We went home at around 12 something because we were assured that there will be people to change the joysticks and also the food plus the continuous of the Amitaba chanting (very convenient & less tiring than my grandpa service which was held at home).

The settings of the memorial service for my Popo. Flowers and all the offerings (red dates, black fungus (木耳), mushroom, lunch, dinner, breakfast) were included for the service.

White chrysanthemum used to replace incense for paying respect to my Popo

Inside view of the room, a very comfortable setting for the people to pay their respect to my popo

Room 13 Rose, where the memorial service was held

10th June 08 ~ Funeral
The funeral started at 8am whereby we gather together to see and say our farewell to my Popo for the last time before they close the casket and send for cremation. It was very systematic and thanks to Nirvana, they prepared the LAST WORD to pay respect to my Popo session. According to the uncle, it's the most important session of the whole ceremony whereby we say our last farewell & wishes to my popo and see her for the last time before it turns into ashes and we won't be able to see her again. After that, we send her to the car and to the PJCCM to cremate.

Our last respect to Popo

Final gratitude farewell from my paternal relatives: Sis, Granduncle (popo's brother), Aunt & Grandaunt

Final gratitude farewell from Nirvana group

Final farewell to send my popo to PJCCM to cremate

Before I end my journal to jot down the service, I would like to thank the following peoples for their heartfelt condolences & 白金:

  • our maternal & paternal relatives
  • our friends
  • my church congregation (EMCLC)

Many thanks for Connie for helping out the whole time.

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