Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it's so hot !!!

OMG... it's so HOT !!! It has been so hot for the past 1 week and I dun think I can tahan any longer if the sky does not open up soon.... My house used to be a cool place but now, it's like oven. What makes it worse is my study room is without aircond and there's no proper ventilation as well. I even took cold shower and while I am doing that, I can feel my sweat coming out from my skin ( I dun sweat easily, so, this is something unusual for me )...

Weather so hot, it reminds me of the below photo, taken so long ago by my Dear Dear.

It's the camel in Doha and I really wonder how they survive there. And look at how the natives dressed there... it's all white and with head gear to protect from the harh sun. If the rain dun come soon, I think I will definately opt to dress white and avoid going out during lunch time.