Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my wiShes 2 U

Happy Birthday DEAR DEAR ......

This year didn't buy anything for you (thought of getting 1 vy playful card for u but then..... no use if mail to u also), just make 2 cards for you. It's almost the same, just that the colors are a bit different. Can't decide which one is nicer, hence, u get 2 CARDS + virtual kissess *muak muak muak*

Card 1 is something very neutral with ur name in it (^-^)

(credits & details here)
Card 2 is something bright and more details but it's more personal (^-^)

So, here I wish my dear dear a very Happy Birthday. May all your wishes comes true and by next year onwards, we can celebrate all the important dates together...... & last but not least, a birthday poems for you.
Happily Ever After

On your birthday, my dear Gerald,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!

Happy Birthday!


jazzmint said...

happy bday gerald..vy nice LO

gerald said...

thank you dear. love the card :xxxx