Friday, May 02, 2008

~Sweet tReat~

My holiday turns out quite good except some little turning around like a maze when trying to find a parking at Mid Valley. This will tell me never ever go out to the mall at such a late time (after 11.30am) coz getting urself a parking is crazy ....

People in MV also alot, it's like sales everywhere but I didn't se any good one though except this.... I tried the Fish Spa with my mum. A treat for her and on I forgot the most important thing.... my CAMERA... *slap head*. All I have is my old K700i hp to take and I am having a hard time extracting it to my pc *arrrghhhh*

Anyhow, the experience is quite good. At first, it's kind of ticklish and scary to see so many fish nibbling at our feet but after awhile, we sort of get used to the ticklish feeling and enjoying ourselves. My mum even enjoy it.... she dun mind coming for a 2nd time though the price is too exp wor -> RM 38 for 30 mins.

So, tat's my 1st treat (^-^).

My 2nd treat is Cupcakes from Jazzmint. I left alot of my stuff at her place after the little trip we went coz by the time we came back, it's near to midnite (*-*). So, Fayhte keep reminding Jazz to bring back my stuff or ask me go collect (so cute of her)... So, they came to my place last nite with a box of my fav cupcakes (Faythe fav also) & of course, my stuff.

Here's the cupcakes that I got (thanks alot, Jazz) and featuring the Chai Cheeze that I had that night.

(credits and details here)

PS: With all the sweet treats, I must make sure I dun over eat and over weight (got people comment I gained weight liao). So, I think my exercise regime must quickly kick in and also to get healthy eating or go on a diet .... hmmm, I wonder if this generic Phentermine is good and safe?

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jazzmint said...

hehe..hope u like the chai cheese, I didn't really like it