Thursday, May 01, 2008

labour day, holiday , MY day ....

It's May 1st and it's holiday .... yippie.... This is the only day I managed to sleep till 9.30am and am so glad to find myself waking up feeling refreshed. I guess the 'pai suen' treatment that I went yesterday evening helps my aching body and also detoxing it and not to forget to mentioned that I slept early around 11pm....

On normal May 1st, I would have stay home but today, I might go out to see what's on offer in the mall. I heard from my coliks tat usually on May 1st, they will be having special sales.... hmmm, hope it's true..

Anyhow, I think this LO fits for today. I did it using mt CT kit, Chasing Rainbow

(credits & details here)
Got to go now... Happy Holiday everyone and Happy Holiday to you, my dear Gerald. Dun overeat today yah ;)

Updates on my little outing :
1. Got myself & mum some treats (details on the next post)
2. Went to the HSBC promo fair. Lots of goodies but not enuf points to redeem though it has been slashed to vy low. Oh, mum did a cataract instant check-up & she's free from cataract and they also promotion for HSBC card if I were to do Lasik.

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