Monday, September 08, 2008

Still Alive...but barely living

I am still alive incase some of you wonder why so long no post (which I doubt anyone will wonder tat). I think this year my luck is really on the low coz my last resort to connect the world has gone kaput (*_*) -> the laptop.

It happened on last Sunday morning, (3 days after Gerald help me upgrade my RAM to 1GB) the symptom of transplant failure showing on that morning. First, it hang, then cannot start up. Finally, after 3 try, it's alive again. But after I shut down, it cannot start up. My mood was so down that whole day coz my original RAM is in Doha now with Gerald. My only hope is to send it to my local infra to check (which I dun have positive hope).

So, my desktop and laptop suffer the same fate, RAM failure. I must really call up HP to claim my warranty for desktop before it expires in November.

Adios for now.... I will be back soon with my Vietnam trip and KK trip to Kundasang and Kudat (once my pc is running as I am using my office laptop now)


jazzmint said...

miss chatting with u online

Cheryl Leong said...

same here :(
can't live w/o internet now...

Bea said...

poor thing!!!! you do hv my sympathy... I know exactly how it feels.