Friday, June 20, 2008

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During Gerald's March trip, we went to The Gardens right after we're back from our KK trip (well, not right after but the next day). The outing was quite a late one coz we seldom goes out to the mall in the afternoon (jam & hard to find a parking space would be the reasons). We walked about the whole MidValley and The Gardens & Gerald is quite amazed with the posh'ness' of the new building (his 1st visit) which I must agreed.

The Gardens not only offer expensive goods but a wide choice of food ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Fusion, Nyonya, Western, Healthy & Taiwanese from lower ground floor to the top most floor. And we were quite lucky coz that time, they were having this Food Fair that provide you a booklet with discounts. So, we had our lunch and dinner there (after long hour of window shopping) and we tried 2 restaurants - brunch & dinner (will blog the lunch later).

Here's our dinner place, where we choosed by following the crowd -> Foong Lye, a taiwanese restaurant. The place was quite full until we have to delayed our dinner (coz no big table available & u will know why we need a big table when I show the photo below)

Our drinks where Gerald stick to his pepsi while I tried the Oolong milk tea. I must say, I dun really acquire the taste for it coz it tasted like coffee.

Gerald's dinner which consist of the glass noodle (his favourite) and smoked duck meat (shown in the above scrap)

My set dinner, Spicy Pork Intestines which is quite nice but I dun really fancy the blood jelly (lucky Gerald loves it *he he*, else it is wasted). This set comes with appetiser, soup and a bowl of nice fluffy white rice topped with yummy minced meat.

The appetiser : cold french beans, fried ball & fried seafood tofu

Old cucumber soup that comes with the set.

And here's my expression after such a wonderful and heavy dinner ....

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The verdict?
I highly recommend this place for good food though the price for the set meal varies from RM 16 ++ to RM 20 ++. My favourite would be the sweet potato balls and Gerald's meal.


exter said...

seem so delicious & the price is ok.

Sue said...

Certainly looks delicious but I really seldom go to Mid Valley, hate the jam and having to find parking :P