Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The chronicles of Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Recently there have been a lot of news to BMC and it really has become well-known area not because of it's location ( really a good place to stay) but because of the closing of the main access road by the Grand Saga.

For those who has been spared by the tragedy of the residents in BMC, let me tell the battles that each of the residents are facing each day.

It has been years since the main road that lead the Cheras Highway into the BMC been built. It should be a happy things for the residents but then again, we did not get to enjoy the main access road. Why?

This is because the residents has been denied the usage of the road which is very near to the Cheras Highway and instead, have to pay toll to use the trunk road that will lead into Sg. Long and then to BMC. If it is a shorter road, I am sure the residents dun mind paying, but it's not. Can u imagine that u need to pay toll and yet u got to drive additional 4 ++ km to reached ur own place? I bet u can't believe it but it's TRUE!!!

Not only that, but each morning, the residents of the BMC got to battle with the heavy traffics (jam) to exit their trunk road to the Sg. Long trunk road and then to the Cheras Highway!!! On a normal hour, one only need 5 - 10 mins to get in or out from the 2nd toll into BMC trunk road. But because of the heavy traffics, it took 20 - 30 mins to just get out from the BMC trunk road to Sg. Long trunk road & do you believe that we need at least 3 traffic police to direct the traffic?

I must say, the traffic police did a very good job ( double thumbs up) coz without them, it is impossible to get out (can really patah balik and go home have breakfast & try the luck at a later time around 9.30am). This also happens during the peak hour of getting home from work. It's really a battle to get in and out from BMC during peak hours.

When the BMC main access road was 'open' for use, the traffic at the trunk road has been reduced to none (but I'm sure it damages the pocket of the 'toll' people coz they can't earn BMC money oledi). The 'opening' of the main access road is another battle between BMC residents & the 'toll' people. They really got to stand in vigile (salute to them), so tat the road remains open though the road has been damaged due to many 'poking' & meddling (which is a sad thing to see).

There's constant battle going on now (can see in youtube) & the latest news on these (read in NST) was that the barrier built by the toll people is legal... hmmm.... why leh? That you got to ask the judge lar.... or u can let ur imagination run wild *LOL*

Oh, the best part is, the address registered in the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (can seefrom IC) set by default that BMC falls under Bt 9 1/2 Cheras, Selangor & also Cheras Perdana, Tmn Megah falls under Bt 11 & Bt 9 Selangor. So, u think BMC main access road is belong to the federal? I for sure dun think so but I'm no land surveyor.... only they can tell....

That ends the story of BMC... wheter the BMC main access road will be open to the residents to use or not, it's another part which will comes later.... it's not available yet coz the movie has not been made, still in casting *ke ke ke ke*

I do hope there's a good ending with this chronicles.... coz we do pay taxes and also road tax (to use the road, kan?)...

P/S : Oh, does anyone know the procedure to get the traffic to sync with a new flow? Coz if the road is closed due to safety, I think with the adjustment of the traffic lights, I'm sure this will be solved....

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Tutiger said...

It sure sucks to have to go through that ordeal daily, especially when there is hardly any other exit other than the existing (with the other exit blocked)

I think the traffic is sync by the local council (since there is normally the local council number posted on the traffic lights for us to call when it malfunctioned)