Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a BIRTHDAY celebration

KK March 08 trip

(credits & details here)

We were quite lucky this time coz we got to celebrate Mom & Dad 'in-laws' (finally) brithday. Though it's a bit early but this was the best timing we had in the 4 years...

After we got down from KK park, we rested for awhile and when everyone came home from work, we drove down to city center for this very good dteamboat dinner. They have all you can eat or ala carte. Since we are not a big eater, we choosed ala carte, which is a wise choice when the bill arrived.

The food there is very nice and my favourite (Arial's too) is the special fish noodles and the scallop 'siew mai'. It's quite different from KL because here, you can enjoy it in a/c place and yet, you got the freedom to choose wat you want from the serving trolley. And how to know the price? He he, here's how they used the sushi system... color coded tray... smart eh ... And not to forget there's 1 long table where the customer get to choose the sauces, the toppings & oils to have it with the steamboat.

At the end of the dinner, we took out the green tea cake which was bought by my 2nd SIL, Natalie. It's so delicious (Arial finished 1 pc by herself) and just nice for everyone. I wish we have that cake here in KL now... so refreshing.... So, that ends the celebration and our 2nd last day in KK.

PS: More photos & scraps of the event will be show later.. having some artistic block for the scrap :p

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