Friday, May 16, 2008

our KK Park photos

(credits & details here)

Finally, I have finished resizing the KK Park photos and uploaded into slides... phew.. it's really not an easy task to resize and choose the 'better' photos to upload. There's really alot that I loves but then, not all are presentable coz some is quite blur especially those shots where we attempt to capture the sky and the green grass (us jumping up) at the Golf Club at Mat Silau. My favourite will be those captured in the 'meadow field' as shown at the above scrap. It really reminds me those places in fairytale books (^-^)

And here's our short trip up to the park :


Sue said...

Wow, that place really look magical leh, and your scrap makes the place extremely magical! Great job!

exter said...

wow, so beautiful, especially the photos with butterfly... hahha

Cheryl Leong said...

Sue : next time u go KK, mus really go there take photo with the kids... vy green & lush..

Exter : he he, the place really beautiful ... like some europe country highland