Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pai Suen therapy?

Some updates on my neck & upper shoulder pain.

It's sort of cured for the time being. Nope, I didn't went for the x-ray coz it's really mah fan to get a guarantee letter from my co's insurance provider and 2nd is, I hate to eat medicine and it only works when I pop those pills and after the medication worn off, the pain is back (*~*)

Instead, I went for my long overdue Pai Suen at my beauty saloon. I tried it once in a long time & signed up a package coz the boss told me it's very good for me and it will help me nurture back my body. It's kind of gua sa plus massage and they use this tailor made tool to do it. The whole ordeal is good & bad. Good is when the therapist do it on my back, all my pain melts away. Bad is when it reaches those fat area, it hurts like h*ll coz that area is vy blocked and she assured me, after a few times, I won't feel the pain (hopefully coz she's the one who graduated from
massage therapy schools).

So far, I have gone for 2 session and the next one will be next week. Fingers crossed tat after a few months of this, I will regain my health and also nurture my body. Oh, I thing I noticed is, now I started to feel hot coz previously, my body dun really sweat.

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Lloyd said...

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