Friday, April 13, 2007

Yee Sang fever

I love Chinese New Year alot. Not just because of the ang pow (used to get) but also because Yee Sang will be available throughout the month. There is alot of type available now, with the most common is the 7 Choy Yee Sang ( 7 color yee sang) and to the most expensive Abalone Yee Sang. But my favourite is the Suet Li Yee Sang. I love the fresh taste of the pear that replace the radish and sengkuang.

So, how many rounds of Yee Sang did I had? Let's see .....

  1. Team lunch at Esquire Kitchen, had 7 Choy Yee Sang but it was awful. It taste too sweet and the ingredient are mostly the pickled type.
  2. Me & Gerald had it with dad, mum & bro on Chor 9, where I had Salmon Yee Sang from Tai Thong.
  3. Had the 7 Choy Yee Sang with frens (SJI Reunion)
  4. Ta pau Sushi King Yee Sang to bring home after visit Violet.
  5. Chor 15, last chance of Yee Sang; bought Overseas Suet Li Yee Sang. I must say that their portion of Yee Sang is getting smaller as compare to tai Thong.

So, all together I had 5 rounds of Yee Sang. Yummylicious ..... Can't wait for next year now

Postdated blog on CNY

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jazzmint said...

wah many times LOL