Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy & Tired Night

I am really tired out but it was really great. Why so? This is because my parents-in-law are in KL now (reached 10pm) & will be leaving to Melbourne on 28.04.07. Besides that, we get to meet up Alan (Gerald's big bro) @ KLIA because he need to pass something to MIL & FIL. Alan just came back from Melbourne & am transiting to Kota Kinabalu.

So, a small gathering session for Tina (Gerald eldest sis) & Alan because they haven't meet up for almost 2 years (since my wedding). We had our supper plus chat session in Burger King from 10.35pm till 12.15am. Too bad that I didn't bring my camera coz that is really a moment to capture & framed up. It will be super perfect if Gerald were there.....

Ooo, for my hubby to know : I drove the camry from KLIA back to Cheras & I feel it slow even it's already 110 km/h. Smoooooth is my word. Everyone was so tired, especially Tina. And.... your keropok are here (^-^) with me now.

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jazzmint said...

wahh..drove camry all the way car nice to drive rite ;)