Thursday, April 19, 2007

Brunch @ Dragon - i

Post Dated CNY blog

We got back from our long KK CNY trip on 25.02.07. Our 2nd day back in KL plan was to head to 1U to feast. This is because while my hubby was away working in Doha, I went out with frens to shop & eat So, when Gerald is back, my target is to bring him to those places with yummy food.

We got up quite early that morning but he was busy checking the car. By the time we got ready, it's already 12 noon. The 1st place we went was the Dragon-i where they serve 'siu loong bao' , 'La Mian' and all kind of chinese food. We were so hungry that we ordered fried rice, 'siu loong bao', Cold pig troter, meat & vege wan ton soup & 1 dim sum. I was so hungry until forgot to take photos of the food and Gerald but to eat when the food was served. End result? Satisfying tummy......

Gerald managed to capture my hungry & greedy look while eating & also the dishes we ordered as below.

For the scrap above, I use mjv tropical dreams kits mixed with Miss Mint Candy fairway journal & jcrowley-greenpint-charm.


jazzmint said...

hehe..i love the food there, nice hoh.

change ur webpage eh, nice

Cheryl Leong said...

Yah, the food is nice but haven't tried all yet.