Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chicken Rice @ Puchong

I am not a fan of chicken rice but I must say, this chicken rice is really nice. My colleague brought me to the shop 1 fine day after all the bankings @ Puchong business park. This shop was run by an old couple which is very nice and friendly. They even can recognise their loyal customer :)

Ok, let me promote why it is so nice (to my standard) :
  • Chicken is just nice, not too cooked, not too raw.
  • It comes with bean sprout n cucmber.
  • The ginger sauce for the chicken is superb. It's not the normal minced ginger that you get anywhere. U see it, u will know.
  • Most important is the rice. Just nice, not too oily and salty.
  • It comes with soup, everyday also different soup.

Roast chicken nicely served on top a bed of bean sprout and cucumber.

The special ginger sauce that I can't get enuf of, always asks for more.

And all this is only for RM 3.50. Can you believe it? It's so cheap , right. Where can you get a decent serving of chicken rice with this price? So, where is the shop? It is at the last row of shop after Maybank & Southern Bank. It is next to a lighting shop, facing opposite the IOI business Park. It's just a small stall run by an old couple.


mom2ashley said...

yuummy and so cheap?

Cheryl Leong said...

Yah yah... I never tot of having this price in KL anymore.

jazzmint said...

wow 3.50 that's super cheap!!!