Friday, April 20, 2007

Tea Break @ Delicious

This is the 2nd stop in 1U on 27.02.07 for food @ delicious by Ms. Read. Since we are still very full & it's tea time, we only ordered 1 dessert & 2 drinks. As you can see, I ordered the Pavlova again but this time, having it with my dear dear hubby (^-^). The dessert is superb and we finished it even though our stomach have no room left. However, the milk shakes tat we ordered are too sweet for us. It's like drinking sugar water. You can see how Gerald is playing with the milk shake coz not too nice to gulp down. I still think that McD milkshake is better than this and the price is 3 times the McD price.

For the above scrap, I used eva sparkling paper, Kath Love Choc tower, ksk designs-grunge city journal, TCO Pretty Enuf alpha and Shabby Princess Kritsty staple & frame.

And since we can't finish the milkshake, this is wat we did with the milkshake to indicate it's too sweet to consume.

Gerald's chocolate milkshake

My strwberry milkshake

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