Monday, April 16, 2007

Formula 1 ~ Bahrain Race

Been waiting for this race and all of a sudden, RTM 2 decided to cancel the live telecast and postponed until 1am on 16.04.07. Nevertheless, I manage to watch it tru the webcam of my hubby's tv in Doha.... Yup, it's tru MSN webcam and Skype although not very clear, but the sound is vy clear with Gerlad being my broadcast ( ^-^)

This time, Massa have pole position again and Kimi is 3rd with Lewis Hamilton & Alonso 2nd & 4th. So, I am very 'kang cheong' on the start of the race. Scared that Alonso will cut tru Massa & Kimi. Anyhow, Alonso did manage to overtake Kimi to 3rd place but on the 1st pit stop, Kimi is back to 3rd place.

As for hte 2nd pit stop, we are happy too early b4 Lewis pitted. Tot that Ferari will have 1,2 position but Lewis is really good. He manage to over take Kimi and back to 2nd place.
End result was Massa 1st, Hamilton 2nd & Kimi 3rd (Yeah!!!) .... So, wat happen to Alonso.... ke ke ke... he kena over take by Nick Heidfeld and he is 5th place *LOL* I never like him much tat's y so happy....

So, in the end, I am left with eagerness to watch the rerun at 1am but my eyes won't cooperate with me, so, was asleep after 15 mins into the race. Nevertheless, Kimi is tied with Hamilton & Alonso now..... the next race will be very exciting and also 2007 F1 race is more interesting now : )

Photos courtesy of Yahoo!
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jazzmint said...

haiya...u fellali one kah...nvm, mclaren will be back

Cheryl Leong said...

@yahoo.comI support Kimi and also Ferrari. I dun like Alonso lar, so, soli lar Mclaren... but Hamilton is vy good, so, I will keep an eye on him also...