Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Talk of the town - 'dOnuts'

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After cupcakes, here's my another hunted down dessert - DONUTS !!! Yup, it's donuts and not just any donuts but J.Co donuts that are only available in the newly opened Pavillion in Bukit Bintang. The donuts are so tasty and soft that after 1 bite, you will want more!

They have lots of flavor to choose and I only manage to try 6 - Heaven Berry, Glazzy , Alcapone, J.Crown Oreo, Choco Mocca & Tiramisu. The best deal is to buy 2 dozen donuts coz you can save about RM 21 ( I manage to share with Bee Li and Kek Yee, so it is only RM 8.70 for 1/2 dozens of donuts).

For those who want to try it, do be prepare for long que if you were not there when it opens and especially on weekends and public holidays. I que for 20 mins yesterday but lucky I got kaki to chat with and drool with so the time seems ok for me then.....


gerald said...

first cupcakes... now donuts... what's next?

jazzmint said...

hehe must try this

exter said...

wow, so nice the donuts
i been there one time n i saw many ppl que for it(donuts)
isn't really taste good?

Jasmine said...

ya, i heard some bloggers also said this donuts is nice. Which favour u like? I must get 1 day to find and try it! Must!

Jasmine said...

hi! I'm a popcorn lover! I was wondering, you mentioned about popcorn machine and popcorn.., are you telling me you actually got one machine from that site you showed in your blog?