Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Party till 'bewitching hours'

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One thing about joining my current company and team is the chance of partying till the wee hours. We believe the motto of work hard but play harder. So, if you see me partying in one of the pub or disco around town (hardly will go with frens or by myself), you know that it's time for us to break away from work and just have fun.

This photo was taken way back in June during one of our colleague farewell party at Hard Rock Cafe. When you say it's a party, what must not be missed is the never ending flow of beers - you can see that we have 2 towers of beers next to my picture. But we are sane enuf to know tat it's a night of no driving for those who love to intoxicate their body that night.

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jazzmint said...

that's why i so envy..cepat got job offer or not for me :P