Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PPP : How I grow my money

This is a sponsered post
Some of my readers would be wondering why I have some post labeled as PPP. Well, this is because those PPP post are the blog reviews that I did to earn some pocket money and my pocket money piggy bank has grown a lot since my first payout by them. I will continue to grow my money in this piggy bank for my dream holiday to Europe (or the least, made it to UK with Gerald)

I can still remember my first reaction to this news brought to me by Jazzmint in April. That time I am still very blur on the facts about PPP and how to sign up and get paid (most importantly are the GETTING PAID by just doing some reviews in my very own blog). I can’t believe how this can be so true until I signed up for it and being paid 1 month after my assignment was approved via Paypal. Since then, it has been a routine for me to grab some post that I love and trust me, you really learn a lot from those post that you write. I did get a lot of information on those blog reviews that I did especially for health & traveling information.

Well, after a few months of seeing the money, I can’t wait to share across this cool news of PPP to all my friends who blog and some did really sign up for it (who dun want money, rite?). With PPP as the topic, I manage to get connected to some bloggers who are on PPP as well. Quite a cool way for blog hopping & growing money, dun you think?