Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My wedding band story

Getting our wedding bands are not easy coz I want it cheap & pretty (well, the cheap part is Gerald). So, it left me no choice but head South to Singapore with Bee Li to hunt for the perfect wedding bands. There’re lots of choices available & mostly are platinum or white gold set with diamond. I nearly got carried away (over the budget set by Gerald) until Bee Li showed me the pair of Rose Gold wedding bands with a small diamond for the perfect setting. I must sat, it’s really very pretty & the best part is, it’s on 50% discount, so, I got it at SGD 600 for a pair of wedding bands *smirk* and it is from the Aspial collection in Lee Hwa ...... But getting the ring size right is a bit tricky coz he's not there physically, so, I must follow my insticnt & finger size to judge *LOL* (lucky the size is correct) I feel so satisfied with the wedding bands when I showed it to Gerald, he love it.... nothing is better than a genuine compliment from hubby. But sad to say, the rings is sitting in the box now coz both of us dun wear rings... can't seem to develop the habit of wearing something on the fingers.

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