Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Around the world with PANCAKES

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He he, after donuts, it's PANCAKES *LOL* .....

Well, this is actually the 1st outings from Gerald's 3rd Home Trip back in Sep 2007. Since the brats (Geralds's nieces) didn't get to hang out much with us when he's away, we decided to bring them out on Sat to The Curve area to window shop and also later on to get the stuff to bring back to KK.

I had tried this Paddington Pancake House alot but to them, it is totally new. They got quite excited when I told them that their entrees to desserts are all made from pancakes (got meat n stuff ler ). Since they are 4 of us, we ordered one each from different part of the world to try. I had Amsterdam ~ full of cheese and hams ; New York ~ pannekok with hams, cheese and sunny side up, another pancake dunno from where but got mushroom & sausage and lastly, the special linguini made out of pancakes *WHOA*

We enjoyed it very much and was very full by the time we finished travelling around the worl with the pancakes :p

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