Friday, October 26, 2007

Snack Trekking Saturday

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I had a wonderful lunch date last Saturday with Jazzmint and another school friend at this deli shop at OUG area. I had wanted to go to this shop since Jazz showed me the yummy Mango fettucini months ago but no chance till last Saturday. It was well worth the effort to find it and it's so near to work (can go for lunch with my colleagues)

Here's what we ordered : Manggo 'Fettucinni', Taiwanese Minced Pork with Tofu & Salted Egg Rice, Crab Sticks Rolls, Chocolate Banana Roll, Steam Egg with Milk Custard, Curry Fishball (all shown in the photo above) and lastly, we top it up with a rice vermicilli coz we are too hungry *LOL*.

The verdit : Superbly fulfilled my taste bud and I even tapau the Mango Fettucinni home for my family to tried.

He he, not to forget to mentioned the place for you to try:
Shop name : Sweet Deli Station
Location : Behind Citrus Park, OUG
Operation hours : Closed on Tues

To know more, you can visit Jazz's site for the details coz this shop is opend by her friend, Peter.

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