Monday, August 06, 2007

A scrapping weekend

Long gone are the weekends whereby I will go out to shopping mall with hubby or friends and here comes a new hobby that I embraces with love. A hobby that doesn't requre spending money and yet very satisfying and rewarding. My new hobby, introduced by my school friend, Jazzmint ( I know her by other name then :p ) is the all new digital scrapbooking. Well, I must say, it's one way for me to kill time and challenge myself with some nice layout.

All I need is a pc that is installed with Photoshop or any photo editing softwares and internet, of course *wink* to download my freebies. Since I am already addicted with pretty illustration such as Stila's graphic (their brochure is full of pretty graphic generated girls), and has laid my hand in doing some for my wedding album (too kiam siap to pay additional money for wedding photos I dun really like, I decided to do my own design and include to the wedding album to add a touch of personality), scrapping is not hard to grasp (coz I always got a graphic designer bro to bug *LOL*).

So, last weekend I did 5 scraps & out of that 5, 3 were of my wedding snapshot. If I can manage to scrap 20 or more, I can compile it for Shutterfly. I can't get enuf of my oh so pretty wedding photos *ke ke ke ke* coz I really look so pretty in my wedding gown (come on, every bride is the most beautiful girl , u know). The best part of scrapping is, you can do what ever you like with the photos you have in hand. Can turn a not so interesting picture into an art *giggle*.

Here's 1 of the scrap I did on Sunday morning (woke up late & wrong side of the bed, so didnt go church, hence this scrap was born that morning). I love this photo alot ;) and with digital scrapbooking, I enhance it more with pretty papers & meanigful words.

Click here for credit

So, for people who are interested in trying their hand on digital scrapping, you can visit some of the site at the side bar. These are the site that I frequent most for some freebies and inspiration. You also would want to go to Jazzmint's blog for some photoshop & scrapping guide that she blog not so long ago and also all her lovely scraps.

Warning : You might get addicted and glued to the pc and developed upper shoulder ache or tingling sensation on your hand *LOL*


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cairo's mommy said...

wah, says who it's free? you're supposed to support them by buying for the kits hahaha (not that i have bought any, hehe):p

gerald said...

i'm so blessed with an artistic wife. for some of you who don't know me, i'm as bad as a block of wood when it comes to art. see how she decorate the wedding venues? it all came from her creative mind... love you dear... keep up the good work :x