Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mini Holiday to Genting : Part 1

Backdated post

Although it's a mini trip (2D1N) but there's alot of things to write, so I separate to 3 parts.

Last week today I went up to Genting with my 2 cousin sis, Yue Wan & Lee Ying. It was not as planned but all wells, ends wells. We started with the plan of taking the KTM to KL Sentral to board the Genting Bus at 9am. Not knowing that there're a lot of people with the same plan in mind, the earliest bus available is 1pm, yet we buy the tickets & head to Mc Donald for breakfast.

In my mind (since 1 week ago), I don't understand why we need to take bus coz I can drive up to Genting (not with my old Wira though) so, I voiced out my mind. After a long discussion (more to laugh), Lee Ying volunteer her Kenari for me to drive up. Ok now, we got 3 bus fare to sell, hence we go look for our victim (manage to sold 2 off only, still rugi). So, I called my lil bro to fetch me at Bdr tasik Selatan and head back to get the car. By then it is already 12.30pm. But I am proud to annouce that it took only 1 hour for us to reach Genting (with a Kenari, mind you :p ) plus all the giggles of the stupid plan *LOL* that we get to tell people.

The 1st thing to do is check into the hotel and head off to satisfy our hungry stomachs *LOL* and plan to get a surprise cake for my cousin Yue Wan (it's her b'day & her hubby's treat for the trip plus Hacken Lee concert). Here's what we got for her, a Baskin Robin ice cream cake (my 1st ice cream cake *yummy*) and she love it ...... That's my 1st part of Genting (^-^)

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jazzmint said...

love the come ended up drive up LOL

Cheryl Leong said...

jazz : haha, ya lor. should have drive up in the 1st place coz if we take bus, we will rach at 4pm :S and to check in to First World lagi got to que.

exter_lyww said...

haha really brilliant ur blog..
cool concert ++ yummy food == enjoyable trip

gerald said...

guilty... i told them to take the bus. it worked fine for me. don't know what went wrong there. sorry dear...