Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hungary Qualifying

This is the latest news from F1 for yesterday qualifying. I gave up hope but then Gerald buzz me awhile ago if I have read the latest F1 news. Whoa what's so good in the news that I need to feed my eye on... hence, I went to the official site and although Ferrari doesn't get pole position yesterday (Massa's car having problem and Kimi's is just at 4th place), this is indeed a good news to the Ferrari fan (esp me coz I don't fancy Alonso so much, he's too cocky previously).

Alonso has been demoted (yes, you read correctly *smirk*) by the steward to 6th place coz he's found guilty in impeded Hamilton during qualifying. Dunno if it McLaren gave instruction for Alonso to say in the pit longer (which the steward dun buy the excuse) or he did it on purpose (who want to loose to a rookie, rite?), McLaren will not be eligible for constructor point (they are appealing now).

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gerald said...

was sick and slept through the race. so that sums up everything then.