Friday, August 03, 2007

Bit and pieces of my family

Since the beginning of my blog, I only dedicate it to my darling hubby or things happening around me. I never realise anything missing until a few weeks ago, while I was cleaning up my C drive, I found the below photo, taken just days before my wedding in KL (thanks to the convenience of digital camera, I never really develops any of the photos I've taken). It was taken during a family trip with my in-laws visit to KL for our wedding ceremony.

I love the photo a lot coz we seldom got the chance of taking a family shot (this also not complete coz my other brother , Wen Jye was not in the picture) and more over, my lil bro (Wen Wai) hate to be in the photo as well (hence the cool look *LOL*) which is totally opposite of me ( I want to be in every photo possible, which is hard coz now I am the photographer :( )

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~Will~ said...

Yes. My dear cousin sister, I'm agreed with u. Thats y i missed my family members in KL.

By the way, how is your brother Man Kit's working life lately? Still in IT line? I do miss u all here.

Pls send my regards to your family members especially 'Yi Ma' and 'Yi Zhang'.