Thursday, August 16, 2007

A long awaited WEDDING

I just attended my senior's wedding last Saturday at Concorde Hotel. He's more like a friend to me than a senior, a very good friend during my uni time. People often misunderstood that we were together coz I always hang out at his place. But he's the only people from KL that I know well & were from the same Form 6 school (St John's Institution), whch means, someone that talk cantonese or English with me. I have known him for so long and have been waiting for his wedding since my graduation (already 6 years) coz his wife is my junior.

The wedding dinner is sort of like a uni reunion but the problem for me is that I dunno all the people there coz I dun hang out with alot of mandarin speaking people (me banana) and most of them are couples from uni. Nevertheless, I enjoyed snapping photos and the food, which were plenty (only 5 people at my table).

Here's some photo that I love from that night of Jeffrey & Serena's wedding.

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