Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Connaught Pasar Malam

It use to be (corrected by my hubby request : Still is our favorite dating routine) me and Gerald's favourite dating routine (even after married, though lessen coz we moved so far), but since now he's so far away, I rarely go to the Connaught Pasar Malam. Since tonight's weather is great for walking (actually my target is to get the fruits) and Gerald is not around, I ended up I dragging my mum along.

My first stop is actually to get the 'Smelly Taufu' but no luck today coz it's not in business. So, I went on to get my fruits , which is located at the head of 2nd part of the road. Though it's just 8pm, it's already pack with people (which is natural coz this is the longest pasar malam in Cheras & also housing variety of goods - trendy clothing & shoes, accessories, dvds, vcds, cds and as for food, you can find the best rojak in town, cakes & pastries, fresh fruits, fried chicken, pandan apam cake, shark fin soup & asam laksa, just to name a few *wink* ).

Phew..... after wading trough seas of people, I smelled something nice ... hence, I follow the smell & I found this:

He he... it's fried cempedak, and I bought RM 5 for 10 pcs (should have eaten some while walking the pasar malam coz it's a bit soggy when I reached home).

Ok, a bit detour from my original plan, and with 1 bag of food in hand, I continue to wad tru the traffic and I found a stall selling dvds and I'm in luck coz they have Criminal Minds, can't resist it and I parted with my money to get that set at a bargain price *wink*. Ok, enough of detour, must concentrate now to get my fruits which is not far already. Once I reached there, wah ... it's like a heaven to me (used to be heaven to my Dear Dear *giggle* but since he is not here & I crave for fruits, I have to get it myself) and here's what I got from the fruit stall :

16 plums for just RM 10. That is so cheap ..... and the below crystal pears are 10 for RM 10. Whoa, can't resist it, so, I grab and paid for the fruits.

Ok, done for the fruits & suddenly I saw a stall selling kuih & I bought the blue rice with kaya & some sponge cake for tomolo's breakfast (another unplanned buying *LOL*). Now, the last stuff to buy is the fried chicken for my brother. Suppose to just buy 1 chicken wing & 1 drumstick, I ended up buying 4 chicken wing, 2 drum stick & 2 'kai 2 dou' (part above the thigh).

Last but not least, I managed to grab a water bottle (those that can withstand heat) before I cabut from the pasar malam. Not bad for an hour pasar malam trip with my mum and I spent RM 50 or more ..... later only go count money *LOL*

Note : For my Dear Dear to look & think of it *LOL*


gerald said...

i'm a pasar malam fan. can't recall when is the first time i brought cheryl there. we got a lot of memories there. lots of it to do with food. when are we going again dear???

Cheryl Leong said...

To my dear dear : anytime u r back but then, ur sept trip wont be able to coz u will be in KK :(

jazzmint said...

wah...i want to go oso...and get smelly taufu hahaha


geram lah...long time no pasar make me crazy and starving!huh!