Sunday, August 26, 2007

BBGS tea party : a sneak of the event

BBGS cupcakes by HBB : Look at the cute pinafore & badge

It's really a busy weekend for me coz I got another gathering for today(organised by Marisa) & it's the event of the century (coz we never met up after Form 5) and all BBGSians are scattered all over the world but me still very much in KL *LOL*.

Since it is such a special event, I ordered 1 box of mini cupcakes from Happy Belly Bites with the theme 'BBGS Class of 95' & provided her the school badge (vy proud of it) to be made into edible cupcakes *wink*. The masterpiece is so pretty (look at the cute uniform & the badge) and too good to be eaten & everyone was so awed by the great art. Hence, the cupcakes made its way into becoming the center piece *LOL* of the table.

This is just a bit of the much awaited event and I need to gather all the photos before I made the full post of the event (hope it won't take a long time).

Opps, forgot to mentioned that Jazzmint bought this fabulous cake for me & the gang sang a b'day song to me during the gathering (coz she mentioned to Marissa about my b'day is tomolo).

My birthday cake : Chocolate Pavlova thanks to Jazzmint.


exter_lyww said...

wow nice cake...
i think u must b touching with ur "long time no c" mates
---wishing ur dream come true---

jazzmint said...

hehe...nice nice...