Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mini Holiday to Genting : Part 2

Backdated post

This is the last part of my mini trip to Genting 3 weeks ago with my dear cousins. After the b'day celebration (just a simple ice cream cake makan-makan session), we prepare ourselves for the main event of the night - Hacken Lee concert (sponsered by my cousin BIL). The night was so cold (very windy), and I just had on a very thin cotton jacket that provide me with little warm (lucky we detour back to take the car, else, I won't even have my jacket coz forgot to pack it). We walk to the Arena of Stars which located at the outdoor them park and all the way, I saw girls with mini skirt and boots (can u believe that? It's cold yet they can wear that, for me, I sure became an ice cream stick liao).

The concert was great. He really sang over 40 songs from 8.15pm till 10.45pm. He even came out to shake hands with the audience. Lee Ying was the first to spot him out and shake hand with him. Then, my this 'biu jeh' rush down to shake hand with him (she's a fan of him) and came back on cloud 9. As for me, I just stand where I was and look and snap photos. So, after that excited round, he have his encore session and that was the end of the concert. People started to leave but there're half of them in the stadium shouted for more encore.... and giess what? Hacken Lee came out after 10 mins coz he so excited that people want more of him. He came out, say that no more song coz he just prepared for so much. So, he grab some music sheet, chat with the band and sang 2 song (un practiced) and thanks all the people. Ok, by then, I am in front of the stage and manage to snap this close up photo of Hacken Lee for my cousins.

After that, we went to look for supper and call it a night. The next morning, I woke up very early for breakfast at Coffee Beans coz that's what I wanted to have beside the mee. The tree of us had the sausage and egg set with coffee or tea. I had my rounds of nice english tea while the 2 of them had coffee and hot fresh milk.

After the healthy breakfast, I had more shopping session with Lee Ying while my 'biu jeh' went to the casino to try her luck with the jackpot machine. I bought a cropped jeans, a mini skirt & a hotlink phone card on my 2nd day shopping spree in Genting. If my 'biu jeh' don't meet us soon, I will spend more money on stuff I dun really need.

So, the mini holiday ended at 2pm or so, and we head back to KL. A great trip for 3 girls (^-^)

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