Saturday, June 16, 2007

A race full of suprises in Canada

Ok, before the race in USA start, let me talk about last week's race. I was supposed to blog about it but was too busy missing my hubby :p

The race at Montreal on 10th June 07 was an interesting race but I missed it. Have to forego the race coz Gerald is going back tat early morning to Doha and we have to leave the house by 3am. Sad to say, Ferari didn't get any podium on that day but at least Alonso also has his bad luck and only manage to get pathetic 7th place(me no fans of him *LOL*).

The race was full of accidents and all also at the same chichane and the worst of all is Kubica's car and thank God he only suffer minor injuries. You will be shocked when you see his car (practically smashed and only left back the driver part & 1 wheel). And because of that, safety car was deployed and Massa was given a black card (coz came out from pit during red light, new rules when safety car is being deployed, you cannot go to pit n refuel *stupid*). Sigh.... there goes Ferari chance and Kimi only manage a 5th place. Nevertheless, I am glad that Hamilton won the race. Click here for the results of last week's race & for more news on this race, click here.

Photos from The Stars online
Horrendous: Poland’s Robert Kubica’s wrecked car hits
the guardrail during the Canadian Grand Prix yesterday.
He was reported to be conscious and was flown to a
hospital in Montreal. – AP


jazzmint said...

haha ya i love the race

gerald said...

i missed the race... should have watched it... urgh!