Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BAT GSD KL Staff day & BTA Graduation Dinner

Pheww..... I can't imagine driving into madness every morning & I really do not hope to do it again. Why I say that? This is because the BAT GSD event was held in KL Hilton & it was stated in the e-mail that the event will starts at 8.30am. So, there I was, waking up at 7.15 am & went out of the house at 7.35 am to try my luck in the 4ever madness of KL traffics during the rush hours. Dunno if I'm lucky or not, I managed to arrived at the hotel at 8.50 am.... just in time for breakfast *LOL*

As usual, we have some serious opening speach by Dominic (our BIG boss) before proceed to the fun part of the meeting. Today's theme was based on movies, so, we had 4 Acts that delivered Process, Strategy, Prioritisation & People messages that are the important ingredients in GSD. Beside the Acts, we had Games that were based on People, Cost, Volume & Quality. One thing good in our Zone Meetings, we incorporated the messages, informations & learning in the games. Hence, it's never a boring Zone Meeting ....

Lastly, the main event of the night was the BTA Wave 2 Graduation and dinner (another play done by BTA Waves 2). The BTAs even gave out door gift to everyone & also not to be missed are the boxes of cigarettes carried by BAT on the tables, nicely laid out for us to consume (smokers haven , but I will go crazy over the nicely designed box... hence, I took some back *LOL* )

I must say that I enjoyed it very much although it's very tiring. It's worse than working in the office coz today I started my day at 7.15 am till 9.30 pm, with no rest in between.

P.S. - I managed to snap alot of the photos & will post it up this weekend.... Do come back & have alook at the wonderful event done by BAT GSD ; )


jazzmint said... nice eh, can't wait for the photos

Just Cheryl said...

U have these gatherings often? Must be nice to have meetings in other style other than norm.U seem to enjoy urself @ BAT - keep us posted on the fun working there ;-)

Cheryl Leong said...

jazz : i took alot of photos on events & food :p

just cheryl : Well, we have at least 3 times a year for the big meetings where we call it the Zone meetings coz we have 3 different zone for support. So, it's great to have meetings in a fun way ...