Sunday, June 17, 2007

Indianapolis qualifying session

I can't belive that I am up to see the qualifying session. Normally by now, I would have knock out & in slumberland. I guess the little nap that I took till my hubby buzz me at 11pm does help me stay awake. I hope I will be awake tomolo at this time, but I doubt I would. I need to keep myself busy in order not to fall asleep, hence, I multi task in between F1 qualifying race, msn-ing with hubby & frens & blog reading *LOL*

Ok, updates on the pole position for tomolo's big race (oops, already sunday now in KL *LOL*)

  • Maclaren 1st & 2nd (Hamilton, Alonso)
  • Ferari 3rd & 4th (Massa, Kimi)
Sad to say that it's not the other way round but it seems tat Ferari's car is quiet heavy with fuel(tat's wat I hope), hence the slower time. One thing for sure, Hamilton is really good... he's so fast in every run he tooks.

To know the full results of the qualifying session, click here.

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