Monday, June 18, 2007

Not fast enough

I almost have a heart attack when all my TV channel gone & just alot of 'snow' when I came back from dinner last night at 11pm. IOf all day, it happened last night & after nearly 2 hours of testing & asking neighbours, we came to conclusion that it is due to the antenna at the roof top. So, we quickly & frantically find a temporary antena to stick behind the TV & manual tune it to get RTM 1. Thank God that by 1am, it's ready & the race in Indianapolis almost starts.

Ferari didn't win the race but I am glad that Massa did his best & Kimi, dunno what happened to him on the start of the race... his car looks like no power & over take by 2 cars to 6th place. Anyway, I am glad that they manage a 3rd & 4th place in the end. Ferari must do something in order to win the constructor title again. Been 2 years since they won anything.

As for the race, generally, accidents only happens on the 1st lap and Sato was pinalised for some mistake. The best part of the race is where by Alonso tried to overtake Hamilton. It's so close but in the end, Alonso not successful *LOL* , Hamilton is just too fast for Alonso to cathc up and he's making no mistake in every race.... Looks like we got a new champion emerging in F1 and a very young one as well...

To know more news on the Indianapolis race, click here to go to the official site.

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