Sunday, June 17, 2007

PPP : Are you a survivor?

This is a sponsered post

Throw me into a situation and I think I will get out & survive it and in the end, I will turn it around to be in favour of me or I that’s what I hope so to do the best (So I dream & will only happens in dreamland). In reality, can I survive when I am faced with the worst situation? Where I am been deleted from the Earth (just like the USA Network's Burn Notice )… & worst of all, stranded in an unknown city with no money or resources. It the worse kind of nightmare anyone would want to be in & I pray hard that it will never happen to me in any point of my life.

Anyway, what will I do if I am in tat situation stranded in a new place with no money...

Let me see...if I am up to adventures, I would love my trip to turn to be like Mr. Beans on Holiday. Wouldn't it be great to get an adventure out of a misfortune?

So, I will find a way to earn money for food, shelter, transportation & money to call home. How to earn money, eh... let's see... I think will do street performance with whatever gadgets I have. It would a big experience for me to do it since I am note very good in singing, dancing or acting. But if Mr Bean can do it, I think I can humiliate myself to do it inorder to get money .... I think I will do anything just to get money beside stealing & selling my body ...

After earning enough of money for the day, I will try to get myself to the nearest embassy and report myself in. So, on the way to the Embassy, will hop on a train, bus or any kind of transport (pack with food & drinks) & try to mingle around with the natives & enjoy myself (better to enjoy then worrying myself, right?) Look at how Mr Bean's trip tat is full of adventures & suprises .... At the end of the day(s), I will reached a safe place with some good memories. Yeap.. that's how I wish I can do ....

In reality, I am not sure I can do it but will definately pray to God for help & go with the flow...So, I hope I am a survivor in the end.

Maybe I can get tips from the new TV series, Burn Notice that shows a CIA agents been deleted & cut off while he's in a mission.