Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A drink that give you pinkish complexion

I got this recipe from Mdm. Jong when I went for a traditional chinese massage & treatment this evening. It's very good for people with bad blood circulation & people with pale complexion. It's very simple to prepare but a few notes to bare in mind in order for this to help you.


  • 7 red dates with seeds
  • 1 clay/ porcelaine mug
  • hot water
Use your finger or any non metal utensils to take out the seeds & put into the mug. Pour in hot water & simmer for awhile before drinking. Can be refill as many times until the red dates has no more taste.

Note : No metal utensils & cups to be used.
Must consume daily for 21 days non-stop. If you break the cycle, there will be no effect.

After 21 days, you can add some ginseng to the red dates to consume. The cycle can be repeat anytime when you feel like it but must remember to take it for 21 days.


Ms Fair Face said...

gee, that would save me lots of blusher money! I wonder if this is actually effective and proven?

Cheryl Leong said...

According to the 'sifu', it has been tested. I m going to try it after my singapore trip & will post the results after that.

Lis said...

Hmm does this really work? My friends always say I look like a ghost...