Monday, April 21, 2008


My upper back still hurts after 2 weeks of medication, hence the lack of post and also the sober me turning up in the blogging world. Just went to the doc again and this time, he prescribed a stronger dose of medicine and a request for x-ray done on the cervical spine. Still pending on the x-ray coz am waiting for the letter from ING. Hopefully can sort it out tomolo and get it over with to the root cause.... and I feel better after I took a power nap after coming back from work. I just can't resist the snoozing call & just drop dead till 9pm but I must say, the rest does helps my back. I guess the medicine will work well if I really rested my back.

Meanwhile, I am trying to sort out my KK photos and hopefully, it will be done by this week. Need to take a break from the monitor to rest my upper back but still can't resist whenever I can to scrap (^-^)

(credits & details here)

I must relly plan my work schedule and put in the massage chair session as well.


exter said...

take good care and more rest, perhaps some yoga preactice will help after u recover from ur back pain

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