Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Up to the Kinabalu highland ...

March 08 KK trip post

The March trip I insisted on going up to the KK park again. It has been ages since we go up (ok lar, not ages but it's been a long time since 2005). I just want to have a day trip to the KK park and also the Mat Silau & Desa Dairy Farm to snap some photos. Though the Dairy Farm was closed for expansion, we detour to the Golf Club and the view is breath taking. One can mistake it for New Zealand or any European country from the photos (will upload soon). I just fall in love with that place and just continue to snap till it drizzle whereby we just stop at the rest area at the golf course and snacks our Pringles and 'You Chi' kuih.

After that, we head down to the KK Park and have our lunch in the coffee house ( a planned lunch) before going home. They serve buffet at RM 35 per person and we just got in at the right time. The sky decided to throw a heavy downpour the moment we sit ourselves in the cafe *phew*. Since it's cold, we really whack alot from the buffet especially the beef and the banana fritters which is fresh from the pan.

Here's some of my favourite photos that I scrapped and will definately print it out & frame it.

(credits & details here)

Here's a closer look of the 2 page layout (^-^)

Some words from Gerald :

{ It was a planned trip that was almost scrapped. lucky cheryl was persistant, enough to say "go lah"timing was perfect, but mt kinabalu is a mountain with an attitute.it only showed her face once, and that was it. i stopped the truck and took as much pictures as we can. as soon as we got on the road, a thick blanket of clouds covered her up....it only showed her face once, and that was it.....}

Now I need to get a reading magnifiers to look tru all the photos and upload it into the gallery


jazzmint said...

love the LO...very nice...wah next time i go KK must plan a day there

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Yin said...

Hi Cheryl, thanks for showing me this layout, WOW! Love it! Much better than mine! hehe! I must come to KK one day,lovely, lovely pictures you have there. Can I show your layout on my blog? drop me a note if it is okay with you! thanks!