Sunday, April 13, 2008

You light up my days

(credits and details here)

I was sick and my mood is way down south today. My neck pain, shoulder pain and headache seems to gloom my weekends and thanks to you, my dear hubby, I am a bit heading north now. Thank you so much for hearing my complaints even though you're so far away. You really light up my days.
Here's a poem for you (^-^)

When you smile,
You create a language of intimate interaction,
When you smile,
You send an instant message of heart to heart communication.
When you smile,
You create a dream world of happiness,
When you smile,
The despair and troubles seem so far away,
When you smile,
The hope and cheers seem only a stone’s throw away.
When you smile,
My heart gets the will to survive in distress,
When you smile,
My mind gets the power to overcome all the hurdles.
~Jay P Narain~


gerald said...

you lifted my days before when i was down. days... can't even count. now i do 1 time only. got reward. super happy :))))

jazzmint said... nice...i must ask my hubby to comment on my blog also, all the LO I did for him he just hmm hmm over msn :S