Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is the color....

What is the color of this world? I have been asking myself tonight. Dunno for watever reason, I have been very emotional for the past few days, from being happy, scared and sad. And tonite is when I feel sad suddenly, after my cook out session (dinner).

I just start to remember the scene of the old man, bare footed pushing the cart filled with scrap metals at the main road in front of Phoenix. It causes trafic coz all the cars are trying to avoid running into him. As for myself, I have a good glance at him & right at that moment, my heart cried. Juz by looking at him, what he's doing at tat time, even right now, the scene in my memory is enuf to make my eyes teary. Is the world becoming so grey, so hard to survive. Has the standard of living gone up until the money that the retired age group saved is not enuf to live in these very days?( which is vy true, coz it happens to someone close) Or has the human kind become so cruel that they started to neglect their parents? Or is it merely their choice to live the way of scavenging?

For whatever the reason, we can see that the world is not so kind to old folks. If you start to look around you, you can see alot of old people searching the rubbish bins for scrap metals, empty cans and even papers to sell just to survive, making ends meet.

Yeah, I am one sensitive person when comes to these kind of things, so I do avoid seeing those sad scenario. Before I end this ponder, lets have some HOPE... Hope that the world will be kinder to us, Hope that human kind will be kinder to mother nature....

(credits and details here)
* The photo was taken by Gerald on 24th Feb 2007 at Sutera Harbour Hotel Room in the morning *

Thou art my Lord, my golden dream,
Thou art my life in death.
O bless me with Thy Hope Supreme,
Lord of the Eternal Breath!

Agelong the vision of Thy Sun
For darkness have I sought.
I know the evils I should shun
And quickly bring to nought.

The earth is deaf and blind, my Lord;
Its true goal it denies.
It hears no voice, no heavenly word
From those who seek the skies.

O yet I feel Thy kingly Grace
With my feeble mortality.
I shall win at last the Noonward Race,
Plunge in the Nectar-Sea.

by Sir Chinmoy

After pondering all the things I saw, we really need to do a budgeting and planning to ensure we will have enuf to survive.


Ruth said...

very nice picture... wonderful LO!

jazzmint said...

love the pic vy nice...and meaniningful post too