Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reunion lunch on Chor 2

*chor 2 @ popoyi place*

Every year on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, we will go over to my mum's side to 'bai lin' and usually, it will be at my youngest uncle's place. This is because his place is the largest that can house all 8 siblings' family. My youngest 'kaumo' will cook a simple feast for us to eat while all of us gather to enjoy and chit chat since it's really rare for all of us to get together.

Here's some really memorable photos taken during that day coz it's hard to see all together especially my mum with her sisters as shown below:

(credits & details here)

Me and my 2 younger brothers taken on that day and I really look like their little sister since I look so short when standing between those 2 fellas :

(credits details here)

Since I started snapping photos, nearly everyone who's free came up to me to request to be taken with those beautiful decorations. I have too many photos and decided to do a 2 page layout and will definately print it out for them:

(credits & details here)

This year is really a fruitful session in view of capturing the event of the day but then, it's quite boring for me after chor 2 coz no place for me to go....

PS: All my dear cousins who saw these LO, do drop me a note if you want to have it on ur blog. I will email you the copy so you can share it as well (^-^)


jazzmint said...

love the LOs

exter said...

wow, so lovely, i wan all the pic as i know one photo shop in berjaya times square is only charge 0.29 per pic (4R) for 100 photos and above...

my mum will love the pic, gonna print it to her.

TQ, the pic are so nice, & u look cute & young between ur two brother.(heheh,happy **)

~Will~ said...

yes! my mum sure like it.

pls send the pic to me.

my email is


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

love all the pics....very meaningful! pretty LO too.

and yeah-ah, you look like a lil girl in the pic :D