Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

As you can see that my blog is all ready to greet the Chinese New Year with my early CNY banner. Here I (we) wish my(our) family, friends & colleagues a very Prosperous RAT Year. These coming few days will be very busy for me coz visiting relatives and friends while for Gerald, it's business as usual (poor Dear Dear). He got to work in Doha but then again, he is all set for the CNY. He has bought yuk gon & prawn rolls to have it tonight & tomorrow.

GONG XI FA CAI & HONG BAO NA LAI to my Dear Dear (^-^)


gerald said...

wah... give already still want some more. i like the CNY layout. happy new yr to you too.

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to you and Gerald.
Gong xi fa cai!