Monday, February 18, 2008

My fortune of the day

*Thought of posting this later but then, it's fortune of today, hence, it cut the ques of my CNY post*

I am sure alot of people knows about the fortune cookies. I am not sure who invented it but it does really gives you some fun to discover what the little piece of paper that predicts our fortune of the day (or maybe gives us some magic just like Disney movie, Freaky Friday).

I had 1 cookie today (thanks to my colleague) and what it tells me of my fortune?

I am sure everyone will agrees that our home is where we draw happiness from. Oh well, it's not really a predict the future type but it tasted very nice... had fun biting into it (^-^)


Mrs. Miles said...

Gee, I just had a fortune cookie on Saturday - sure we did not eat at the same place, Cheryl? haha... well my fortune said I was coming into some profit soon. woo hoo - keep you posted!

~ Barb

karenyiau said...

Couldn't agree more to that. My happiness nowadays depends greatly on my family, esp. the 2 kids who really brighten up my days. :)

Cheryl Leong said...

Barb : I am sure that we did not eat at the same place but it really amazed me on how we share some common stuff ;)

Karen : I am sure everyone loves their home, hence the saying 'Home Sweet Home'

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Cheryl - Camy emailed me back and said:

try or I think both of them
will sell and ship to Malaysia.

Hope this helps you!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

a good taste in the mouth and sweet taste in the heart :)