Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chinese New Year *Chor 1 morning*

*Chor 1 morning*

My 1st day of CNy this year is very different from the year before coz Gerald is not around, I am celebrating it in KL with my family. So, early that morning, I went for Chinese New Year Service at my church. I am all set with my cheungsam (glad that I can fit into it this year but still it's a bit loose at top *sob sob* ) to go 'bai lin' with Jesus this year *LOL*.... Just incase you're wondering why got church on CNY -> It's a custom for my church to have a CNY service coz it's in a kampung whereby lots of people will come back for CNY.... The service is really amazing coz Rev. Lee really relate the talk with RAT year (will share the story later)

Me with Eva in cheongsam. I just love the photo... Dun you think we both look so lovely in cheungsam *perasan liao*

After the service, I went home to chill (before going out in the evening to the FGS Dong Zhen festival with my family & Jazzmint) & open up all my CNY tit-bits.. I really bought alot of food, especially the 'Yuk Gon' coz I bought from Weng Heong & Bee Cheng Hiang... As for the other tit-bits, you can see from the below scrap :

(credits & details here)

That's not all the tit-bits coz there's still some I haven't open yet. I really hope I won't put on weight by month end (^-^).


jazzmint said... the pic. and u really makan the food all by urself eh..must go invade ur place :P

gerald said...

reserve some for me! hm... i think by the time i come back, masuk angin already... sob... sob...

Cheryl Leong said...

Jazz: Yeah, I still got plenty...

Dear: I will reserve the 'Nga Gu' biscut for you. Perh Li mum just gave me 1 bottle today.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hello Cheryl,

Thank you Cheryl, for stopping by my blog and leaving some love. Brought a smile to my face! Yes, my husband is very special, and he definately knows what what my love-language is... my blog!

I have SO MUCH to share with you - for instance, I just made a layout of my husband this morning, and then upon coming to your blog, both your header and a layout you made both use the same Love Actually kit! How cool is that?

Also, I just read a book and I think, if you have not already read it, you will want to - its SOOOO good. It is called Sushi for One, by Camy Tang. Camy and I have been 'blog mates' for a long time now, but I never read one her books before. She has Chinese background and her book is steeped in the very flavor of it all, along with such humour! Its a Christian Chic-Lit, a great read. I have a link to Camy's Blog on my blog links at my site.

Your photos of the food have me drooling, I LOVE asian food (well most of it LOL)

Thanks for making contact. I only read your first journal entry today, but have promised myself to come back and continue reading. Your blog is a treat for the eyes and mind.

with blessings,
Barb (Mrs. Miles)

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

lovely pic of you and Eva.
nvm.enjoy now and can shed off the weight after CNY.

exter said...

u really look pretty & fit with the cheongsam...
not everyone can fit with cheongsam
1st thing, i have a dummy which will look so weird if wearing cheongsam..hahha